A wonderful start an Endeavour to answer to the needs of the time. Very clear and realistic goals. Both young doctors are very patient, caring and concerned with the patients. Very homely and friendly, accommodation and food are excellent. A big thank you for everything. Let god be with you with all his blessings to continue to do your good work. Once again a big thank you to SRI DHARSHANA and team. God bless you.

Ms. Shanthi William, cardiac rehablitation


I like wonderful treatment in nature, my body pain has reduced. I like the way they conduct yoga. thank you to the team of SRI DHARSHANA.

Mrs. Meena sekar -back pain


I am dhanalakshmi, I had back pain for the past two years. Doctor suggested me some diet regimens and yoga practices which made me feel free. I m feeling better within three days of treatment.

My son pradeep had hyper activity behavior, he doesn'’'t sleep at night. He used to murmur and shout at night. he was under allopathic medication since three years and paediatrician referred yoga, so we planned to come here to recover his problems. Here doctors taught him yogasana, meditation, super brain yoga, some techniques to improve memory along with naturopathic treatments. He enjoyed the stay here in SRI DHARSHANA. And I liked the special care which they gave on him. Now he his feeling better.we feel happy through the naturopathy treatment

Mrs. Dhana lakshmi - hyperactive child


I am sivagami saradha from rajapalayam, got to know about the centre from my obstetrician. She recommended me to attend the class form my fifth month. And I was regularly practicing all the technique what doctor was suggesting. Finally it ended up into a normal delivery and I m continuing my check ups for postnatal visits.

mrs. Sivagami saradha, rajapalayam.- pregnancy yoga

Hello Madam,

I am Geetha, Yoga class student.

The class is really useful & the approach is quite simple & can be adhered easily. And the approach towards clarifications is quite friendly which makes the interaction a remarkable experience.

In short the learning is joyful & I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for the support & guidance.

with regards

Dear Dr.Saranya,

The way you are teach the yoga with rhymes and playful is a good learn for children's. These programs are an ideal way to spend quality time with our children, playful yoga poses, say it with a song, animated breathing exercises and imaginative...

Yoga teachers don't just create better yogis, they create better people. And while all yogis have heard that the true guru is within sometimes it takes the guru without to lead us to our own inner teacher.

During this training, child can earn general elective, wisdom to successfully promote, teach fun and beneficial yoga classes for children's and their parents.

The course shall be complete recommended for all children's.

Thanks & regards,