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Welcome to Sri Dharshana

Sri Dharshana is a nature cure and yoga hospital offering various natural therapies and yoga, established by Dr. Saranya in 2013 at Rajapalayam. Sri Dharshana offers long term wellness of patient as it acknowledges a person’s lifestyle and treats the whole person –body, mind and soul – not just the symptoms of ill health. Doctors are medically qualified, highly professional and trained and specialized in each therapy. Sri Dharshana is well equipped with sophisticated infrastructure and located in serene atmosphere to bring calmness and stress free life.


Our primary aim is to provide treatment to all those who seek it or people trying to gain relief from the pressure of daily life and also creating awareness regarding the effectiveness and necessity of Yoga and Naturopathy at present situation.

Our Vision is to support people to follow a natural way of life, and to help them activate their innate potential to fight against diseases without drugs and also to promote healing.

Return to nature:

Our body is made up of five great elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether). The perfect balance of these elements keeps the body in health. For the healthy living, our daily activities and dietetic program should be such that balance of these elements continues to be restored.

The Five great elements of nature and the treatments based on them are:

  • Earth - Mud therapy, Massage therapy
  • Water - Hydrotherapy
  • Air - Breathing exercises, Outdoor walking
  • Fire - Sun bath
  • Ether - Fasting therapy